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Postpartum Herbal Tea

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This herbal tea is perfect for supporting the new breastfeeding mother!

Herbs are often viewed as just seasonings to flavor our food with. However, herbs are full of medicinal benefits and are excellent for the body! I have always dabbled in herbal supplements (mainly in tea form), but when I got pregnant this year, my midwives began suggesting herbal supplements and my interest peaked!

This tea is straightforward and is made up of three herbs. They are red raspberry leaf, fennel, and chamomile. Each herb has its own beneficial properties for breastfeeding moms.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is known to tone the uterus, and most women drink it to prepare for labor. However, the uterus is not done working after the baby is born! It needs to heal a dinner plate-sized wound where the placenta was, it needs to shrink back down from the size of a watermelon back to a golf ball, AND it will hopefully once again menstruate in the future. The uterus needs support! Red raspberry leaf tea is a great way to do that! Before I got pregnant, I would drink red raspberry leaf tea to help with menstrual cramping and hormonal support.


Fennel is most often used as an aromatic seasoning in eastern dishes. However, fennel is also known to do two very important things for breastfeeding mothers. Fennel both boosts milk supply AND helps alleviate gas in breastfeeding infants! If you’ve ever had a newborn with gas, you know! With brand-new digestive tracks, gas is uncomfortable for newborns, and they often grunt, whimper, and even cry and scream when they have gas. When I learned the benefits of fennel, you better believe I was chugging down this tea!



Chamomile has many many benefits and has been relatively well-studied as an herb. It’s most known for its relaxing properties, and many people drink it before bed. I include it in this tea for its ability to help relax and relieve anxiety, which many new moms struggle with.

In 2019, researchers conducted a study and concluded that camomile can help relieve PMS symptoms as chamomile has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative, and anti-anxiety properties.

The Recipe:

I use loose herbs instead of tea bags, but if you have tea bags, that would work fine too!

1. Combine one teaspoon of each herb into a mortar and pestle and grind them up, so that the fennel seeds are smashed.

2. Add to a glass and cover in hot water. Not boiling water. I typically add about two cups of water.

3. Let steep for 3 minutes, and strain into a mug.

4. Add honey to taste, and enjoy!


With a newborn infant, this tea is a daily staple! It’s not only beneficial for me and my baby, but it’s also very tasty!

But of course, this tea is not the only herbal support I’ve added to my routine postpartum. For hormone balance, I’ve been taking Earthly’s postpartum balance tincture. To boost iron levels postpartum, I’ve been Earthly’s Energy Plus (Herbal Iron) tincture. I take both tinctures daily. Use code CHOOSENATURAL for 10% off your first purchase!

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