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10 Dishes to Sneak Bone Broth Into

Updated: Sep 7

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Bone broth has recently risen in popularity and for good reason! It’s one of the oldest ways people groups from all over the world have used to extract all the good nutrients and flavor the animal has to offer.

Bone broth is super high in nutrients that can be otherwise difficult to get in the daily diet.

In today’s culture, we mostly eat muscle meats and neglect the rest of the animal. However, the body needs and thrives from getting the full range of amino acids that the animal contains. We only get a limited amount from muscle meats. Eating organ meats and bone broth supplies the body with a wider range of amino acids and nutrients.

Bone broth is a great source of gelatin and collagen! It contains amino acids, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium, and sodium! It’s just good stuff!

Bone broth is a very important part of eating head to tail! See my post here for What is an Ancestral Diet. Bone broth is also incredibly metabolically supportive, and excellent for pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum!

That being said, I don’t know many people who enjoy drinking just straight bone broth. Some do, but I know I don’t!

Here are TEN meals to sneak bone broth into!

1. Soups/Stews

Soups and stews are the most obvious place to use bone broth. I love using bone broth in chicken and rice soup, Italian sausage soup, and many many more! Bone broth adds a density and richness to the soup that regular stock does not have. My favorite soup right now is good ole ramen! Don't think the packaged ramen, think traditional ramen, which has a rich bone broth that makes the dish delicious and nutrient-dense!

2. Gravy

Gravy is an excellent dish to use bone broth in! Bone broth bumps up the nutrient and flavor profile! Gravy usually goes with a muscle meat dish, so adding bone broth to gravy is a great way to diversify the amino acids in a dish.

3. Mashed potatoes

Adding bone broth to mash potatoes is an excellent way to not only boost the nutrients in the dish but also lower the fat! This is a great hack if you’re looking to lose a bit of weight while supporting your metabolism. See my post here for how to do that!

4. Roast

A roast (or any other similar slow cooker dish, is a great place for bone broth. Usually, the recipe calls for regular chicken or beef stock, so why not sub in bone broth? Using bone broth helps balance out the amino acids in the roast.

5. Bone Broth hot chocolate

Bone broth hot chocolate is a bit unusual I will admit, and I was also skeptical when I first heard about this recipe. HOWEVER, do not be deterred, it is delicious! The bone broth adds a richness of flavor that the chocolate would not otherwise have (hard to imagine ADDING richness to the chocolate, I know!). Give it a try though!

6. Rice dishes

Rice dishes are one of my favorite ways to add bone broth to my diet. I absolutely LOVE making a risotto or stir fry with bone broth. It’s delicious! Anytime I make rice now, I use bone broth instead of water to add nutrients AND taste!

7. Curry

Curries are a dish that most people don’t think to add bone broth to. Many traditional curries are vegetarian dishes, so bone broth is a great way to not only add nutrients but also protein.

8. Pasta

Pasta can be hit or miss with bone broth, depending on the dish you’re making. Use your best judgment here for when to cook pasta in bone broth and when to use regular water. Usually, I opt for bone broth and it turns out great! Bone broth mac and cheese gets 5 stars from me! Bonus tip: Add some of the pasta water/broth to the sauce so it’s not wasted.

9. Casseroles

Many casseroles call for some kind of broth or stock. Sub in bone broth for these dishes. Chicken and rice casserole, chicken pot pie (not really a casserole, but you get the picture), and others are all great dishes to use bone broth!

10. Sauteed Vegetables

Cooking vegetables is an excellent way to use bone broth. I would still use a bit of fat like butter or lard, but then use broth to steam and keep the veggies from sticking. Again, this is a great way to lower the fat content of the dish a bit and boost the nutrients! This is an excellent use of bone broth if you’re trying to lose weight on a metabolic diet.


To be real with you, anytime a recipe calls for water, stock, or broth, sub in bone broth. I like to keep about half a gallon of bone broth in my fridge at all times. I usually meal-prep on Sundays and make a batch of bone broth to use during the week. (See my post here for Ancestral Eating Meal Prep Tips and Tricks).

Not sure how to make bone broth? (And yes, I would recommend making it yourself instead of buying it to ensure quality.) See my post here for how to make bone broth!

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